I printed all of these myself except "Bodega."
Not for sale at the moment, most of these are
also out of print.

2022. "Hojakdo" Risograph. Red, blue, yellow, black.

2021. "Borage" Risograph. Blue and aqua.

2021. "Angel In The Garden" Risograph. Yellow, fluorescent pink, steel blue.
Alternate version steel blue on blue toned paper.

2021. "A Flower Among Stars" Risograph. Yellow, aqua,
fluorescent pink, steel blue on cream paper.

2020. "Pierrot" Risograph. Fluorescent orange, red, aqua, brown.

2019. "Basement" Risograph. Fluorescent pink, blue, teal.

2018. "Bodega" Risograph. Fluorescent pink, sunflower yellow, light teal.
First printed with Corners Studio in Seoul, South Korea, then
Perfectly Acceptable in Chicago, IL.

2018. "Moon Under The Train Tracks" Risograph. Blue and brown.

2017. "Wizards" Risograph. Black on metallic gold and silver paper.

2017. "Bay Area Rain" Risograph. Blue on cream paper.

2017. "Beach" Risograph. Yellow, red, blue, black.

2016. "Bathroom" Risograph. Yellow, blue, red on orchid toned paper.

2016. "Basketball" Risograph. Yellow, blue, red on green toned paper.

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